Annual Report 2017

Interactive Annual report 2017

Financial results
Both the invoiced as the received licence fee income rose in 2017, respectively by 3.7 percent to EUR 67.5 million and 2.1 percent to EUR 67.3 million.
The distribution to right-holders amounted to EUR 58.9 million. The gross operating expenses were EUR 7.5 million (-1.3%).

Operational results
We consider our service and transparency to right-holders to be at least as important as the financial results. We booked considerable progress in this area in 2017. Sena participates actively in the realization of the worldwide Virtual Repertoire Database. Online portal MySena was improved by adding several important functionalities. We also worked on the realization of a Sena app, which we expect to launch this month.

You can read the annual report, including videos and appendices, in the interactive pdf.

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