About Sena

Makes the most of music

Sena represents the rights of musicians and producers, who receive payment from us whenever their music is played in public. We are committed to our right holders on a daily basis and currently represent more than 30,000 musicians and producers.

Musicians and producers receive compensation thanks to music licences, which companies and organisations take out from us. As a not-for-profit organisation, we pass on the collected funds as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost. In this way, the people who made the music get what they are entitled to.

Sena operates based on the Dutch Neighbouring Rights Act (Wet op de naburige rechten, WNR) and is based in Hilversum. Sena stands for, ‘Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige Rechten’ (Foundation for the Exploitation of Neighbouring Rights).

The difference between Sena and Buma/Stemra

If you want to play music in public, you will have to deal with both Sena and Buma/Stemra. What exactly is the difference between these organisations?
Several parties are involved in the production of music: creators and makers. Buma/Stemra represents creators and ensures that affiliated composers, lyricists and publishers receive compensation when their music is used (based on copyright). Sena represents makers and ensures that artists, session musicians and producers receive compensation when their music is used (based on neighbouring rights).

Member of VOICE

Sena is a member of VOI©E, which stands for 'Vereniging van Organisaties die Intellectueel eigendom Collectief Exploiteren' (Association of Organisations that Exploit Intellectual Property).
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CMO Quality Mark

Sena is certified with a CMO Quality Mark.
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