CMO Qualitiy Mark

About the CMO Quality Mark

Sena is certified with the CMO Quality Mark.

Through this, Sena complies to set guidelines that guarantee the transparency of collective management organisations (CMOs) for users and right holders. For right holders, the guidelines pertain to, amongst others, the timely and complete distribution of remunerations within the cost standardisation, a voice in the management of remunerations and any spending on social-cultural projects. The communication with – and service to – users and those with an obligation to pay for music licences, is warranted in specific guidelines on deliberation about fees, the complete and transparent provision of information and the term in which complaints must be dealt with.

The Quality Mark criteria were set by a commission of stakeholders, in which represented users (appointed by VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland) have 50% of the votes. An independent certified institute, the Dutch Certification Institute, tries the criteria on a yearly basis.


Organisations that collect and distribute copyright and/or neighbouring rights in the Netherlands on a structural and not for profit basis can be considered for the CMO Quality Mark. The Board of the CMO must be composed in such a way that the right holders are represented in the governance structure. The CMO must abide by the principles as stated in the Guidelines for good governance and integrity for collective management organisations. The Copyright and neighbouring rights collective management organisations control board supervises this. The guidelines deal with transparency of the governance structure, independent supervision on the Board and also contains a whistleblower clause with a external independent hotline.


The interests of right holders are warranted by benchmarks of transparency en representation, particularly about any investments or spending on social-cultural projects. Transparancy also comes first in the dealing with users of music about the rights represented, fees and the foundation for these fees. Standards have also been set for the level of service, such as updating the address data and the settlement of mutations. A formal complaints and disputes scheme was set into place. If a complaint is not satisfactorily dealt with within a two month period, the accuser can bring the dispute before the independent Copyrights Disputes Committee.


It is not just users and right holders that can monitor the actions of CMOs. The general public can view annual reports and the websites of the CMOs for further information on finances, the management cost applied, the distribution of remunerations and the relevant activities and remuneration of members of the Board. The Copyright and neighbouring rights collective management organisations control board receives a complete and up to date financial report four times a year.


The CMO Quality Mark is non optional. The ascertaining of the CMO Quality Mark is a requirement for the membership of VOI©E. If a CMO works together with another CMO on primary activities, the other CMO will also have to acquire the CMO Quality Mark.