Mission and vision

Mission statement
Sena aims to create awareness about the value of music amongst music users, in order to collect remuneration for right holders – (inter)national performers and record producers – that is distributed as quickly and correctly as possible, at the lowest possible cost.

Vision statement
Stemming from our passion for music and our involvement with right-holders, music users and each other, we strive for more transparency, efficiency and service. We offer customization where necessary. With this, we build our international position. Being an excellent employer is a precondition for this; pride in our own organization a logical consequence. From our strength, we respond flexibly to important developments in the international music industry, technological developments and legislation in the neighboring rights field.

Sena wants to internationally further develop into a well-respected MLC with a strong support base. We process large amounts of data and we play a pioneering role in the field of research into the impact of music use in business.

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