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We will do our utmost to help you as best as possible. That is why we are constantly working on the quality of our services. And yet, you may still be unhappy about some aspect of our services. If you still have a comment or complaint after contacting our Service Desk, then please contact us!


An objection is a way to tell us that you do not agree with a reimbursement amount paid by Sena or that certain payments were not made. Objections must be submitted within three months after payment or receipt of the breakdown of an announced payment or after the year of distribution, accompanied by a clear justification. You can do so using the online form below, by email or by post.


A complaint is a written notice, other than an objection, indicating that you are not satisfied with us or with a decision that we have taken that has affected your interests individually and directly. Complaints must be submitted within three months after the event occurs, accompanied by a clear justification. You can do so using the online form below, by email or by post.


You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a week. We will resolve your objection/complaint within three months. We are entitled to extend our response time by up to one year if an objection/complaint is so complex that settlement within three months is not possible. The term of one year does not apply to objections/complaints that are dependent on foreign sister organisations. In such a case, we will make a separate agreement with you about the handling period. In such special cases where the processing takes longer than three months, we will inform you on the state of affairs at least every six months.


The Sena Disputes Committee was established to correctly settle any disputes that may arise further to the distribution regulations and/or the handling of objections and complaints. If your objection/complaint isn’t settled within the prescribed period, or you think an objection/complaint wasn’t dealt with properly, you can send a letter to the Sena Disputes Committee. Please do so within three months after the aforementioned period. Send your letter to: Secretariaat Sena Geschillencommissie, Postbus 113, 1200 AC Hilversum, The Netherlands.

The Disputes Committee’s decision is binding, unless one of the parties indicates a preference for settlement of the dispute by a court of law within one month of the request being submitted. For more information about the Sena Disputes Committee, please refer to Article 6 of the General Distribution Regulations and the rules and regulations of the Sena Disputes Committee.

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