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Music is an essential part of our day-to-day lives and a determining factor in the success of many shops, restaurants, cafés, radio stations and television programmes. If you as an artist, session musician or producer have worked on that music, you are entitled to receive payment.

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Musicians and producers are entitled to receive payment if their music is played in public. Has your music been broadcast on radio and/or television? If so, you are probably entitled to receive payment. So sign up and get what you deserve! Registration is free and easy.


Once you’ve registered, you will receive your own personal Sena number, which you can use to create a password by logging in via the log in page of the MySena online portal. Your personal Sena number and password will give you access to MySena. On MySena, you can add your repertoire and view invoices, among other things.

Are you an artist and/or producer?

An artist is, among other things, a member of a band, orchestra or choir, or a singer, session musician or conductor. A producer has final financial responsibility for a recording and is the owner of the master tape.
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If you are self-publishing music, register as both artist and producer

50% of the fee for each track goes to the musician(s) and 50% to the producer. When self-publishing music, you are both musician and producer, which means you are entitled to receive payment twice! To this end, you will need to have two accounts at Sena: one as a musician, and one as a producer. You must also register your repertoire in both accounts in MySena.

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