Music is an essential element of our daily lives

Music is played in almost every company. Consider, for example, offices, factories, company restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, shops, department stores, hotel and catering establishments, but also lifts, car parks, hospitals, swimming pools, sports canteens and gyms. And whether the music is used as background music, light music or on hold music – a licence is needed for practically any kind of music.

What does a licence cost?

This will differ per organisation. The cost of a licence depends on several factors, including the industry in which you operate, the business floor area or number of employees. You can find the rate that applies to your particular situation at, where you can also directly take out a licence.

Music licence

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Arrange both your Sena and Buma licence in one go
You can take out both your Sena and Buma licence in one go at You will then receive a combined invoice from the Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Service Centrum Auteurs- en Naburige rechten, Scan). This is the service organization of Sena and Buma, among others, which takes care of the administrative processing of the music licences.

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Multiple locations, one invoice
If you would like to receive one central invoice for multiple locations, please contact Scan. This can be done via +31 (0)23 7997 845.

Group benefits
Sena has concluded group contracts with many trade associations. This will allow you to benefit from a group discount on one or more Sena rates. Please contact your trade association directly for more information on this.

Change your licence

Has the floor area of your restaurant or shop increased? Has your company experienced a growth spurt and are you now employing more staff? Or has your company perhaps recently downsized? This may affect your licence. Please notify us of any changes as soon as possible, to avoid paying too little or too much.

Your licence is based on a number of factors, such as square metres, FTEs, sector and size. Your rates may change if anything changes in one of these factors.

Do you wish to report a change to your licence? Please let us know. This can be done via the following options:
Edit your licence yourself at, 'My Account'
 E-mail the change to
Send the change by mail to: Service Centrum Auteurs- en Naburige rechten, Postbus 1316, 2130 EK Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

If your licence is part of a group arrangement of a trade association, please submit any changes to the secretarial office of your trade association.

The submission of a change request has no suspensive force. Your change request will be handled as quickly as possible – at the latest within two weeks after receipt.

Relevant downloads:

List of rates general licences
Terms and conditions general licences (Dutch)
Leaflet (Dutch)

Contact us

Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Scan)

The service organization of Sena en Buma.

Any questions?

Please contact the Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights.
Please ring +31 (0)70 45 28 873 or e-mail
Available on business days between 9 am and 5 pm.

Apply for a licence at