Radio and television

Music and radio are inextricably linked. Whether it's a public channel specialising in classical music or a popular commercial station, the music played will determine the identity of the radio station. Music also plays an important role in TV programmes, where it can add to the atmosphere, character and content of a show. Sometimes, music even takes centre stage, such as, for example, in The Voice of Holland. To use music on radio and TV, you need a licence.


Distributors must take out a licence for the public performance of broadcasting content via e.g. cable, fibre and IP networks.


If you are organising a dance event that makes use of mechanically-produced music, you will need a licence.

Online media

Webcasting is the broadcasting of video and/or audio over the internet. The only difference between a webcaster and a regular linear radio station is that the former is transmitted via the internet. We employ two rates for online radio stations: one rate for large webcasters (more than 500 slots) and one for small webcasters (up to 500 slots). Small webcasters (up to 500 slots) can obtain their Sena licence at a discount via the Dutch Webcasting Foundation (Stichting Webcasting Nederland). 


With podcasting, an exact copy of a radio programme broadcast at an earlier time is offered. We distinguish two types of licences for podcasts: podcasts comprising up to 80% music and podcasts comprising more than 80% music. For podcasts with 100% music, you will also need permission from the Dutch Association of Producers and Importers of Image and Sound Carriers (Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluiddragers, NVPI).


There are various forms of narrowcasting, such as, for example, via hard drives, satellite and streaming. You will need a licence from Sena if you plan to supply music to, for example, hotel and catering establishments via streaming or satellite. You may also need a licence from the NVPI for other forms of supply. In either case, please contact us.


Many websites play background music. A site can be said to have background music if the music can be heard upon accessing the site. The website visitor cannot influence the music offered. However, the visitor can turn off the music. You need a licence to use background music on websites.

Pan-European licences to use background music on commercial websites
Private individuals, small organizations or companies using background music on their commercial website can contact us to arrange permission to do so at pan-European level. To do so, please contact us via

Rates, application forms and notification forms

All rates, application forms and notifications forms are to be found on the page Downloads.

Rates (dance) events
Rates online music

Application forms licences online media

Licence application for webcasters (Dutch)
Licence application internet online magazine (Dutch)
Change form licence online music (Dutch)
Licence application background music websites (Dutch)
Licence application internet podcasting (Dutch)
Licence application narrowcasting

Application form licence (dance) event

Licence application (dance) events (Dutch)

Application form licences media

Licence application radio temporal (Dutch)
Licence application commercial TV stations national (Dutch)
Licence application commercial radio station regional (Dutch)
Licence application commercial TV stations regional (Dutch)
Licence application commercial radio stations national (Dutch)
Licence application AM station (Dutch)

Notification form media

When you already have a licence and you want to change your annual declaration, you can use the forms below.

Notification form commercial TV stations regional (Dutch)
Notification form commercial radio stations national (Dutch)
Notification form commercial radio stations regional (Dutch)
Notification form commcercial TV station national (Dutch)
Authorisation direct debit (sepa) (Dutch)

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