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Use of terms

Visiting and making use of is subject to the following terms of use:

By visiting this website and making use of the information we have provided on the site, you are agreeing to the applicability of the terms of use. If you do not agree to our terms of use, then you will not be able to use the information we have provided on this website.

Website and app ownership
The website (including the online portal MySena) as well as the Sena app are owned by Sena. The organisation’s name in full is the Foundation for the Exploitation of Neighbouring Rights (Sena). Sena’s offices are located at the Catharina van Renneslaan 20, 1217 CX in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Sena is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 41194330. Our VAT registration number is NL801652406B01.

Dutch law
By visiting this website and/or using the Sena app, you are agreeing to the application of Dutch law and to the assessment of any comments, complaints, etc. regarding this website by Dutch courts.

Information and liability
The information listed on the website and on the Sena app is general information only and does not constitute any form of recommendation. We always try to ensure that the information on the website and the app is as accurate, complete and up to date as possible. Nevertheless, occasionally it may be the case that the information that is listed is no longer current. We do not accept any liability for any damage you may incur as a result.

Use of information
All the information on this website and on the Sena app is the property of Sena. This includes the design, corporate identity and logos. The information provided on the website and on the app is available for personal use, provided that you provide a citation of the Sena website or app as the source of the information. In addition, you may not make any changes to the information. If you wish to use the information on this website for commercial purposes, you must request permission to do so beforehand.
Forms and fees available on the website, however, may be copied and used for the purposes for which they are were intended under their terms.
Upon completion of a download of the invoices or other documents available on MySena, Sena is no longer responsible for the privacy and protection of the document. From the moment of completion, you are solely responsible for such concerns.

Operation of website and app
We do our very best to ensure that this website as well as the Sena app operate free of errors and are accessible without interruption. Nevertheless, there may be cases where the website and/or the app are temporarily unavailable. We are in no way liable for any damage you may incur as a result.

Links to other websites
The website may contain links to other websites. We have not verified the accuracy of the information contained on such sites. As such, we are not responsible for that information.

About the disclaimer
Sena reserves the right to modify this disclaimer. The website will always provide the most current disclaimer.

Disclaimer Sena (PDF)