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Sena app

What can I do with it?

Sena app

The Sena app allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to both check your current balance ahead of the next payment round and view previous payments. You can also register new repertoire and check whether the suggestion list of unclaimed repertoire contains tracks that you participated in. The app is available free of charge from both the iOS en Google Play app stores.

Download the Sena app:

app-store-logo.png     google-play-logo.png


The app offers the following features:

  • Current balance and payments
  • Register repertoire
  • Claim repertoire
  • Save or delete repertoire
  • Switch between accounts
  • Contact Sena

Current balance and payments

The current balance feature shows the amount (gross) earmarked at that moment for your next payment. You can view the tracks, countries, stations and music years the amount is based on for both your current balance and previous payments. 

Claim repertoire 

Under ‘Unclaimed repertoire’, you can view a list of suggested tracks that you may have been involved in. If you find a track that you collaborated on, you can claim it straight away.

Switch between accounts 

This feature comes in handy if you are both a performer and a producer. The app makes it easy to switch between both of your accounts. In order to do so, make sure to link both your accounts in MySena, under Company or Musician. And what’s more, you can register new and existing repertoire for both accounts at the same time.

Register repertoire

Register repertoire quickly and easily on a single screen. Upload evidence straightaway from your camera or your picture gallery. Neat!

save or delete repertoire

You may have started registering your repertoire, but for some reason you were unable to complete it. That repertoire is now clearly arranged under "Unfinished repertoire". By swiping to the left you can save or remove a track from the list.


Any questions? Contact our Customer Relation department directly from the app via email, telephone or Whatsapp.