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Procedure for 'Settled' objections - Atresmedia

In MySena, you can find an overview of tracks where the remuneration for music use has been arranged directly between the producer and the TV channel, as confirmed by RTL and Talpa. If this is not the case according to your information, you can follow the reporting procedure below.


Procedure for musicians
If you think a track has been incorrectly labelled as ‘Settled’*, you need to contact the producer directly. They can explain the direct or indirect agreements made for the use of this track with the TV channel concerned. You can get contact details for the relevant producer from

Procedure for producers
If you think a track has been incorrectly labelled as ‘Settled’, please fill in the attached template indicating the track in question along with the TV channel. Sena will forward the objections to the relevant TV channel once a month. The response from the TV channel will be sent back to you.  If you are not satisfied with this response, please contact the TV channel directly. You can get contact details for the relevant TV channel from

* By the term 'Settled', Sena means that - at the request of the television channel - it assumes that the compensation for this specific use of the music on a television channel has been (in)directly arranged between the producer (master owner) and the relevant television channel. Sena is not aware of agreements that have been made in the chain between producer and television channel. You will therefore not receive any compensation from Sena for using this track. For the music year 2024, this currently concerns music in commercials and music in foreign films and series on RTL TV channels and music in commercials on Talpa TV channels.